Discovery Local Japan 「chiba kanaya」

About Chiba prefecture

Have you ever heard of Chiba Prefecture?
If you have ever arrived at Narita Airport, you know that Chiba Prefecture is where Narita Airport is located.
Chiba Prefecture is adjacent to Tokyo and has a rich natural environment.
One of the most famous attractions in Chiba Prefecture is Disneyland. Another place you may have heard of is Makuhari Messe, where music events are held frequently.
Chiba Prefecture is also easily accessible from Tokyo, Japan's capital city, making it a great place to visit when you are in Japan.
In Chiba Prefecture, I would like to introduce you to the town of Kanaya.

What can you do in kanaya

Kanaya Town is a port town in Futtsu City, in the southern part of Chiba Prefecture.
It is probably not a tourist destination.
There are many places where you can eat delicious seafood, which is popular among the local residents.
We decided to visit the Kanaya Museum of Art in Kanaya Town, Futtsu City.

What's about kanaya museum

There are many restaurants in Futtsu City where you can have a good meal.
It would be a shame to go to Kanaya just to eat seafood.
I would recommend the Kanaya Museum of Art to those who want to have a meal and spend some time in a quiet place.

To be honest, the Kanaya Museum of Art rarely has famous exhibitions, but if you go to Futtsu City in Chiba Prefecture to eat delicious seafood, you should also visit the Kanaya Museum of Art.
You will be able to have a quiet time to face yourself.

How long does it take to kanaya from tokyo

It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by train from Tokyo Station to Kanaya-cho, Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture, or about 2 hours by car, so I recommend it as a half-day destination to eat some of Japan's delicious seafood.
It only costs about 2,000 yen one way to get there by train, so it is not that expensive.
I highly recommend that you go there.