Discovery Local Japan 「Lake Bake」

you see the beutiful lake and Mt.fuji・・・

There is a bakery in Kawaguchiko, about two hours away from Tokyo, that is highly recommended by those in the know.
It is so popular that if you go there after lunch, some of the bread is already out of stock.
The store is a small old house that has been renovated and is crammed full of delicious looking breads.
There are about 10 indoor seats and 5 seats on the terrace.

What's famous in there

The delicious bread is one of the reasons for its popularity, but there is another reason why people flock to this bakery.
This is the actual view from the terrace, and even Japanese people are amazed at the size of Mt.
Fuji in front of you. When you visit the bakery, I recommend that you eat at the terrace and take a picture with Mt.

Recommended visiting time

I would recommend before mid-afternoon on weekdays, or in the morning on weekends.
At this time, you will probably be able to get a seat in the store.
However, if you go after this time, you may not be able to park your car because the parking lot is full, and some breads may be sold out.

What else in Kawaguchi-lake

If you can go to Kawaguchiko in the fall, you can enjoy the autumn leaves.
You can eat delicious bread, see Mt. Fuji, and enjoy Japan's beautiful autumn leaves at Kawaguchiko.
I hope you will enjoy the rich nature of Japan and the delicious bread at Kawaguchiko.
I'm going there next weekend.