Discovery Local Japan 「Toki-no-sumika」

The importance of facing yourself alone and quietly.

Are you tired of spending your days rushing around sightseeing spots in Japan?There are many places to visit in Japan such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Hokkaido.However, do you know anyone who is exhausted from moving around every day, even though he or she has come all this way for sightseeing?I would like to recommend those people to take some time to relax and face themselves in a relaxing day spa facility.

Spending meaningful time at Toki-no-sumika

I recommend it for one reason: there is an 18+ age limit for admission.Why is this recommended?There are no elementary or junior high school students here. In other words, there are no babies running around or crying loudly in the museum.It's a very quiet space and there are only adults spending time there.This allows me to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and listen to my inner voice

There is also a restaurant where you can eat.

In a Japanese style building that resembles an old Japanese house, there is a restaurant where you can eat delicious Japanese food.The restaurant has a great atmosphere, and of course the food is very delicious.The experience of taking a hot spring bath, getting away from the hustle and bustle, and enjoying a delicious meal at Tokinosu is a way to enjoy Japan that only the Japanese know.